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Treating your hand saw the way it deserves

Hand Saw Sharpening

If you’re a hobbyist, you’re not likely to have access to a powered table saw worth thousands of dollars. You might have a very small tool shed or work out of your garage. Perhaps you’re someone sentimental about restoring their first-hand saw. The need to keep all of your hand saws in excellent condition is even greater for you than for the workshop owner with hundreds of saws. A hand saw sharpening service is just what you need.

Our hand saw sharpening service restores your hand saw to its original efficiency. For as little as $15.00, you’ll have an expert sharpen and set your saw’s teeth back to like-new condition. Excessively worn or damaged teeth can be re-cut for an extra $3.00. With as little as $18.00, we can restore your very first hand saw to its original condition.

Woodworking Hobbyist

At Sharpening Online, we understand how important a working hand saw can be. Whether you’re a keen hobbyist or a professional who relies on having high-quality hand saws at their best, talk to the professionals. Contact Peter Powell on 0412 354 841 and see what can be done to get your hand saw working at its best again.

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