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Thicknesser Blade Sharpening Couldn’t be Simpler

Thicknesser Blade Sharpening

Precision Thicknesser Blade Sharpening

The success of any trades business depends as much on the skills of the technician as on the quality of the tools he uses. As a perfectionist, you can settle for nothing but the best quality for your tools. This reflects your commitment to excellence. As the leading thicknesser blade sharpener, Australia can lay claim to, Sharpening Online has been delivering on its promise of top-notch quality and price competitiveness. We have made it easy for any individual, professional or trade to just post their tool, blade or saw to us through via mail or courier service.  With a quick turnaround time and professional tool sharpening service, you can get back your perfectly sharpened thicknesser blade in no time.

Thickness Blade Sharpening

Top planer blade sharpener Australia

Whether you are hunting for the “best tool sharpening service near me” or looking for the most affordable planer blade sharpener Australia has to offer, Sharpening Online is the most obvious choice. As a family owned, home run business, we have been satisfying our customers sharpening needs since 1988. Three decades of rich experience in the industry have given us a clear competitive edge. We have built a reputation for being the most affordable and precise thicknesser blade sharpening service provider in Australia. With a ‘no frills’ approach that eliminates the need for a fancy showroom and other expensive accessories, our home-based business has some of the lowest overheads in the industry. We take pride in passing on this great price advantage to our valued customers!

Bench Plane Sharpening

Extensive range of tool sharpening services

While we offer the lowest prices in the industry, we strive for the highest in efficiency, precision, and professionalism. We work with and are well-versed in a wide-range of thicknesser blade sharpening services including:

  • Hand Held Electric Planer Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Double Edged Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Blade Tungsten Carbide Edged Sharpening

Whether you use a hand-held power planer or the smallest of block planes, accuracy and precision are of prime importance. Blunt planers are not only difficult to use but potentially dangerous as they can lead to catching and slipping. The same way a blunt chef’s knife is more dangerous than a razor sharp one. In Thicknessers, dull blades increase friction and heat up the blade, which can lead to damaging the internal mechanisms of the machine.

Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with the most modern sharpening tools. Our highly experienced sharpeners can restore any thicknesser blade to its original efficiency in no time at all. Get the best of thicknesser blade sharpening services from Sharpening Online. Contact us today for the best quotes and fast service.

Sharpening Chipper Blades

Chipper blade sharpening. Thicknesser and planer blades are also sharpened on this machine.

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Owner: Peter Powell
ABN: 4906 4459 256
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