Our Sharpening Prices

Circular Saw Sharpening

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades .35c per tooth Sharpen (eg 20 tooth blade $7 ea, 60 tooth blade $21 etc)
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades replace missing or damaged tips $4.20 ea
HSS Metal Cutting Cold Saw (Brobo) Blades sharpen $21
HSS Metal Cutting Cold Saw (Brobo) Blades recut & Sharpen (chipped or excessively worn teeth) $26
HSS Metal Cutting Cold Saw (Brobo) Blades grind, recut & Sharpen (broken teeth or segments) from $40

Handsaw Sharpening

Handsaw sharpen & set $15 ea
Handsaw recut, sharpen & set (damaged or excessively worn teeth) $18 ea
Tenon saws sharpen & set $10 ea
Tenon saws recut, sharpen & set $13 ea
Hardpoint handsaws (toothed edge usually blue or black) recut, sharpen & set $18 ea

Power Tools & Hand Tool Sharpening

Router Bits Sharpen from $6.50 ea
Broach Cutters Sharpen (for magnetic drills) $16 ea
Hss Drill Bits up to 10mm Sharpen $1 ea
Hss Drill Bits up to 20mm Sharpen $2 ea
Hss Drill Bits up to 25mm Sharpen $5 ea
Spade bits Sharpen $2 ea
Auger Bits Sharpen $5 ea
Holesaws up to 75mm Sharpen $7 ea
Holesaws 76mm-150mm Sharpen $9 ea
Chainsaws Sharpen $9 ea
Chainsaws Tungsten Carbide Tipped $25 ea
Wood Chisels Sharpen $4.50 ea
Wood Turning Chisels Sharpen $6 ea
Hand Plane Irons Sharpen $4.50 ea
Tinsnips Sharpen $10 ea

Planer/Thicknesser Blade Sharpening

Hand Held Electric Planer Blades Sharpen $3.60 ea
Thicknesser blades up to 305mm Sharpen $8.00 ea blade
Thicknesser blades up to 405mm Sharpen $9.00 ea blade
Thicknesser blades up to 650mm Sharpen $10.00 per blade
Thicknesser blades double edged $12 ea blade
Note...extra charge may apply for badly chipped blades

Home & Garden Sharpening

Knives... kitchen, fishing, hunting etc Sharpen $5 ea (extra charge may apply for chipped, broken or badly worn knives)
Scissors... household, dressmakers Sharpen $5 ea
Scissors... upholstery Sharpen $8 ea
Hedge clippers, Secateurs Sharpen $8 ea
Hedge clipper cutter set electric or petrol powered $25 per set Sharpen (cutter set must be removed from machine and disassembled, top and bottom cutter must be separated)
Axes, hatchets Sharpen $8 ea
Garden Mulcher cutter set Sharpen (household, light duty) $12 per set
Tree Mulcher cutters Sharpen (heavy duty, industrial) from $10 per blade

This is a summary of the most common items that we sharpen. If you have an item that is not listed here please email for a quote. If you are unsure how to describe your item please email a pic with some comments. Note….damaged or broken tools may incur an extra charge, send a pic first for a quote.