Affordable saw and tool sharpening from anywhere in Australia.

Are you trying to find a sharpening service that meets all of your needs? Perhaps your local service isn’t quite up to scratch. Many sharpening services will do a good job, but will they do a great job? Maybe what you’re looking for is in another State! If looking for a “sharpening service near me” isn’t quite cutting it, try us at Sharpening Online, we won’t disappoint you. Originally known as Werribee Sharpening, 30 years in the tool sharpening business later, we have changed our name to Sharpening Online. We expanded our business to help you with all of your saw, blade, and tool sharpening needs. Just wrap, pack and post… we’ll do the rest.

Being a home-based business, we have extremely low overheads and a basic no-frills approach to the way we do things. If you’re after a no bells-and-whistles approach, Sharpening Online is your answer. We do not have an expensive delivery service or a fancy showroom and we do not sell new blades or tools. Sharpening is all we do! Because of this, we can take care of all your sharpening needs, without distraction. Save time, money and frustration, consider posting your blunt tools and blades to Sharpening Online, we wont let you down.

"We aim to keep our sharpening prices as low as possible."

Don’t waste your money buying a new blade, just because it’s blunt.  Get a professional tool sharpening service and save time and money! Our saw and tool sharpening service by mail or courier makes your life easier and your blades sharper.

We do everything from chainsaw sharpening and router bit sharpening, to all types of saws, hand tools, power tools, garden tools and household items like knife sharpening,  scissor sharpening and much, much more.

Our prices are well below industry standards. Including the cost of shipping, your tools can be sharpened and returned to you at a lower cost than driving to a local saw and tool sharpening service (if you can find one!).

We have a wide range of saw and tool sharpening services

Circular Saw Sharpening

  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades
  • HSS Metal Cutting Cold Saw (Brobo) Blade

Hand Saw Sharpening

  • Handsaw recut, sharpen & set
  • Tenon saws recut, sharpen & set
  • Hardpoint handsaws recut, sharpen & set

Hand Tool Sharpening

  • Wood Chisel Sharpening
  • Wood Turning Chisel Sharpening
  • Hand Plane Iron Sharpening
  • Tin Snips Sharpening

Power Tool Sharpening

  • Router Bit Sharpening
  • Broach Cutters Sharpening (for magnetic drills)
  • HSS Drill Bit Sharpening
  • Spade Bit Sharpening
  • Auger Bit Sharpening
  • Holesaw Sharpening
  • Chainsaws Sharpening

Planer/Thicknesser Blade Sharpening

  • Hand Held Electric Planer Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Double Edged Blade Sharpening
  • Thicknesser Blade Tungsten Carbide Edged Sharpening

Home & Garden Sharpening

  • Knife Sharpening
  • Scissor Sharpening
  • Upholstery Scissor Sharpening
  • Hedge Clippers Sharpening
  • Secateur Sharpening
  • Power Hedge Clipper Cutter Set Sharpening
  • Axes & Hatchet Sharpening
  • Garden Mulcher Cutter Sharpening (Set)
  • Tree Mulcher Cutter Sharpening (Blade)
Drill Bit Sharpening

Not seeing your item?

Drop us a line. If it’s got an edge, we’ll sharpen it.

Get your tools professionally sharpened in 5 easy steps!

No more hunting around for a saw or blade sharpening service in your local area.
No more trying to get your tools there before a certain hour on one inconvenient day of the week.

With sharpening Online, it can’t be easier to get your tools back to perfection. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 3

We will email you an itemised invoice including return postage.

Step 4

Make your payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Details on the invoice.

Step 5

Once your payment has been confirmed, your work will be completed and posted back within three working days.