$20 credit on return delivery for work valued over $150.00!

We want to make it easy for your tools to do their best work. Don’t frustrate yourself with picky, expensive and slow local blade sharpening services; trust the company who guarantees they’ll sharpen every tool you send well, fast and affordably.

To ensure the best, fastest and easiest sharpening service, please follow the shipping instructions below:

Circular and cold saw blades

Mark each blade for sharpening with your surname or company name using a texta or similar marking pen (make sure that it is the same name as that on your email notification). Stack the blades then wrap and tape them tightly in 5-6 sheets of newspaper, bubble wrap or similar in one bundle. Then pack the blade bundle securely in an appropriately sized cardboard box or package, taking care to stuff any cavity tightly with crumpled newspaper so the bundle cannot move around inside the package during transit. Alternatively use post office jiffy bag taking care to select a size that will take the saw bundle snugly.


Wrap knives tightly together in tea towels (we will return them) and or multiple sheets of newspaper or cardboard making sure there is no possibility of the point of the blade pushing through the packaging in the event of rough handling in transit. Then pack the bundle in an appropriate box or jiffy bag.

Thicknesser blades

Thicknesser blades can sometimes be bent or broken en route to sharpening. Therefore we strongly suggest you tape the blades tightly together to an appropriate size timber strip e.g. 42mm x 19mm before packing.

All other items

Bundle and pack in such a way as contents cannot be spilt in the event of the package being dropped or damaged. Secure all blades and tools so that no part of them can pierce your packaging

Postage (Fixed Price Postage for parcels up to 5kg)

We strongly recommend a fixed price Parcel Post satchel from anywhere in Australia.

Up to 500 gram will cost $8.25, up to 3kg $13.30 and up to 5kg $17.10

We have been using the Australia Post service for many years and have rarely had a problem with lost items or undue delays. However if you require the extra security and next day delivery offered by the Express Post option then the extra cost for peace of mind can be worthwhile. Note…Please advise us if you require this option for your return mail. If you prefer to use a courier service please see the Courier section at the bottom of this page.

Address postage parcels to:

55 Hickey Rd
Vic 3338

If you are not using fixed price postage get an estimate of the cost of regular postage by clicking here

You may save on extra return postage cost by enclosing a reply paid satchel available from the post office.

Please bear in mind the safety of mail workers, Accidents can and do sometimes happen. Protect your tools and Auspost employees by securely wrapping your blade prior to service. Your package could be dropped or crushed together with other parcels during transit. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to articles during the delivery process.


Get an estimated cost of a courier by clicking here

Because many courier companies will not deliver to our workshop as we are in a remote country location please address your package to the following secure domestic address…

4 Tarneit Rd
Vic 3030

Contact Peter Powell of sharpening Online at 0412 354 841 with any questions. We are here to help you!