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Circular Saw Sharpening

Power Tool Sharpening

  • Router Bit Sharpening from $6.50
  • Broach Cutters Sharpen (for magnetic drills) $16.00
  • HSS Drill Bit Sharpening up to 10mm $1.00
  • HSS Drill Bit Sharpening up to 20mm $2.00
  • HSS Drill Bit Sharpening up to 25mm $5.00
  • Spade Bit Sharpening $2.00
  • Auger Bit Sharpening $5.00
  • Holesaw Sharpening up to 75mm $7.00
  • Holesaw Sharpening 76mm-150mm $9.00
  • Chainsaws Sharpening $9.00
  • Chainsaws Tungsten Carbide Tipped Sharpening $25.00
Chainsaw Sharpening

Hand Tool Sharpening

  • Wood Chisel Sharpening $4.50
  • Wood Turning Chisel Sharpening $6.00
  • Hand Plane Iron Sharpening $4.50
  • Tin Snips Sharpening $10.00
saw and tool sharpening
Thickness Blade Sharpening

Planer / Thicknesser Blade Sharpening

  • Hand Held Electric Planer Blade Sharpening $3.60 ea
  • Thicknesser Blade Sharpening $8.00 ea

    up to 305mm

  • Thicknesser Blade Sharpening $9.00 ea

    up to 405mm

  • Thicknesser Blade Sharpening $10.00 ea

    up to 650mm

  • Thicknesser Double Edged Blade Sharpening $12.00 ea
  • Thicknesser Blade Tungsten Carbide Edged Sharpening from $12.00 ea

Hand Saw Sharpening

  • Handsaw sharpen & set $15.00

    Regular blade sharpening

  • Handsaw recut, sharpen & set $18.00

    Damaged or excessively worn teeth

  • Tenon saws sharpen & set $10.00

    Regular blade sharpening

  • Tenon saws recut, sharpen & set $13.00

    Recut & Sharpen (chipped or excessively worn teeth)

  • Hardpoint handsaws recut, sharpen & set $18.00

    Toothed edge usually blue or black

Fixed Price Postage!

For parcels up to 5kg from anywhere in Australia!

  • up to 500gm - $8.30
  • 501gm to 3kg - $14.20
  • 3kg to 5kg - $17.20

Home & Garden Sharpening

  • Knife Sharpening $5.00

    Kitchen, fishing, hunting etc.
    Extra charge may apply for chipped, broken or badly worn knives

  • Scissor Sharpening $5.00

    Household, dressmakers, etc.

  • Upholstery Scissor Sharpening $10.00
  • Hedge Clippers Sharpening $8.00
  • Secateur Sharpening $8.00
  • Power Hedge Clipper Cutter Set Sharpening $25.00

    Electric or petrol powered.
    Cutter set must be removed from machine and disassembled, top and bottom cutter must be separated

  • Axes & Hatchet Sharpening $8.00
  • Garden Mulcher Cutter Sharpening (Set) $12.00

    Household, light duty, etc.

  • Tree Mulcher Cutter Sharpening (Blade) from $10.00

    Heavy duty, industrial, etc.

*All prices include GST.

Please note: extra charges may apply for badly chipped blades

Tool Sharpening Service Melbourne

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We offer a pickup and delivery service in Melbourne's Western suburbs, however a surcharge may apply to the above price list. Please ring or use the form for more info.

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