Sharpening Online, a family company based in Melbourne's outer west.

We have been providing a quality, professional sharpening service to households, trades and industry since 1988.

Our workshop is equipped with the highest quality, precision grinding and professional sharpening service machinery. Because of this, we can guarantee professional results.

In recent years, an increasing number of enquiries are coming from outside our local area and interstate. Customers from all over Australia send us their tools and blades for sharpening and repairs. So, we are enhancing our Sharpening Online website to facilitate this growing market. It’s our goal to make this professional sharpening service a streamlined, simple and inexpensive process. We aim to have your items sharpened and returned to you in as short a time as possible, while keeping our prices as low as possible.

We are a home based business, so we have extremely low overheads. This allows us to take a basic, no frills approach to the way we do things. We do not have an expensive delivery service, or a fancy showroom. We don’t even sell new blades or tools. Sharpening is ALL we do! Put all of these points together and what do you get? A professional sharpening service.

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